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Krasnoyarsk, a port and rail centre on the River Yenisei, is the capital of Krasnoyarsk territory, in southern Siberian Russia. One of the chief industrial centres of Siberia, the city has shipyards, a huge hydroelectric power station, and factories producing farming and logging equipment, chemicals, forest products, aluminium, cement, and textiles.
Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628 as a Cossack fortress it grew rapidly in the late 19th century after the discovery of gold nearby and the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway.
There are more than twenty universities and institutes of higher education in Krasnoyarsk with a student population of more than 70,000. Population 959,000 (1995 estimate).
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Most of the housing in Krasnoyarsk is in apartments, this is the building that we live in. building Just outside of Krasnoyarsk there is a national park called "Rock Pillars". It is a beautiful place to go for a walk or do some climbing. rock-pillars